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Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky takes a special approach when it comes to helping Seniors with their transition. Bridge to Better Living is not only leading the way in compassionate and educated Senior placement but also franchise development. Bridge to Better Living was highlighted as one of the top 2020 Game Changers from Franchise Dictionary Magazine for their leadership on Senior healthcare and placement. We are redefining what it means to help Seniors find their new home.

Why We’re Trusted

Bridge to Better Living specializes in helping Senior’s transition to independent, assisted living, memory care and long-term communities. Our philosophy of Placement with Passion® is unique and trusted, ensuring every placement matches the Senior’s criteria and personality. Utilizing one-on-one personal communication and attention to Seniors, Bridge to Better Living begins by listening to the multiple needs of our Seniors and their families.

We remove the stress from Seniors and their families by doing the groundwork and gathering the information necessary to choose the perfect placement.

Our Services

Bridge to Better Living’s services include a wide range of extensive community research, guidance, and support during the transition process.

One-on-One Personal Service

  • Comparing types of communities, locations, and prices
  • Comparing features and apartment layouts
  • Comparing personal lifestyle preferences and community criteria

Guidance and Support During Transition

  • Access to community databases of information
  • Knowledge of available services and amenities of communities
  • Continued support for Seniors throughout transition
  • Transparent Information from communities

Bridge to Better Living considers many factors when finding the perfect placement for a Senior including medical needs, transportation, the distance from medical centers, and required medical care. Finances may also be a concern for some families. Bridge to Better Living evaluates the financial needs and resources of each Senior to help make well-informed decisions. Individual preferences socially and physically are important aspects adding to the Quality of Life when choosing a community.

Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky

Jacob Brooks of Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky exemplifies the Bridge to Better Living standard of Placement with Passion®. He has worked with the aging population of Northern Kentucky Seniors for many years, learning firsthand the challenges and shortcomings of the current care systems. Jacob recognizes the emotional stress some Seniors have when choosing a new Living Option. Jacob Brooks has become a vital resource for Northern Kentucky Seniors, their loved ones, and families.

Experience Working with Seniors

While working for Northern Kentucky YMCA’s, Jacob had daily interactions with Seniors and families Seniors are the second largest demographic served in the YMCA community. He met this challenge by offering the Silversneakers® program along with other educational and recreational Senior resources.

During his time at the YMCA, Brooks and his team managed one of three Senior Centers in Boone County. After recognizing Jacob’s exceptional attention and support the other two Senior Centers soon followed suit and Brooks and his team managed all three. He is passionate and dedicated to helping Seniors in his community and draws on years of established resources and connections.

Jacob’s professional commitment is evidenced by him earning the Certified Senior Advisor certification. Seniors may be confident Jacob is knowledgeable about the issues facing his clients. Jacob Brooks offer a compassionate, knowledgeable, ethical, and experienced voice to all Kentucky Seniors seeking placement. Contact Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky today for the ultimate guidance and passionate consulting for you or a Senior loved one.