Whether retired or still employed metabolisms are known to decrease with age. Reduced metabolisms could lead to lessened immunity systems, weight gain, and/or delayed reflexes. Sound foreboding? It is, unless, of course, action is taken. Exercise, even in moderation, is the key to physical and mental health at every age.


According to the Center for Disease Control, adults need to be physically active at least 150 minutes a week or roughly thirty minutes a day Monday through Friday. A small commitment could extend life expectancy as much as seven years..


Sixty-seven percent of older adults are sedentary for 8.5 hours a day… get busy Seniors!

Exercise benefits begin when exercising starts, regardless of any “couch-potato” history. Exercise? How? Where? When? This is not rocket science.


Be creative with exercise. Wake up muscles and increase circulation by  stretching before rolling out of bed. March to Yankee Doodle Dandy while brushing teeth, walk briskly to the mailbox, perform weightlifting with soup cans… these are simple exercises performed in the privacy of home. Three ten-minute routines done daily more than meet suggested requirements. Start exercising now.


The pandemic has made Seniors cautious about exercising in large groups. Here are a few exercises to practice alone. Remember, the first step is always the most difficult.


  • Start by holding onto the back of a chair. Lift one leg and stand on the other for ten seconds, then switch legs and repeat the process. Eventually increase time standing and without the chair.
  • Improve strength and balance. Stand straight and put arms in front of you. Raise yourself up on your toes, then gently lower yourself. Use a chair or counter if needed. Repeat 20 times.
  • Increase flexibility. Pretend to be standing in front of a wall. Crawl fingers up as far as possible and wiggle them for several seconds. Walk them back down. Repeat ten times.

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