If you or a loved one are considering a transition to Assisted Living, you may have heard some common myths or falsehoods. Outdated and false misconceptions about Assisted Living could cause Seniors to hesitate. Research and in-depth information about a community is needed to make an important decision about your future, so let us debunk some common Senior Living Community myths together.  

Myth 1: Assisted Living is the same as a nursing home.

Fact: Not at all! Nursing homes are for Seniors with chronic health issues who require a high level of medical attention and care around the clock. In an Assisted Living Community, residents and their families have a say in their care plans. If help is needed with medication management, getting out of bed in the morning, or assistance with activities of daily living, Assisted Living is a perfect choice.  

Myth 2: Assisted Living is expensive.

Fact: Over time an Assisted Living Community saves money because staying at home may soon trigger expensive solutions. Study family medical history. Studies show up to 52% of Seniors over the age of 65 require long-term care in their lifetime. Seniors may not be paying for in-home care right now, but a move to Assisted Living may be more feasible when consolidating living, dining, and home upkeep expenses, as well as some personal support costs.  

Myth 3: There is no privacy.

Fact: Assisted Living Communities pride themselves on making Seniors feel as independent as possible. Many communities are designed similar to an apartment complex. The care offered to  Seniors has residents feeling comfortable in their own apartments and enjoying days on their own schedule. Assisted Living staffs coordinate schedules around individual needs. Privacy is respected and valued.  

Myth 4: Senior Communities are lonely and boring.

Fact: Assisted Living is anything but boring! Communities are comprised of people in similar situations looking to explore and try new things. Many Assisted Living Communities have clubs, volunteer groups, and host fun events or activities for Seniors to enjoy. New friends in an Assisted Living Community are right around the corner with family and friends encouraged to visit as well. Seniors are seldom lonely!  

Myth 5: The food is not the best.

Fact: While the food at Assisted Living Communities is often reputed to be bland or unappetizing, this is far from the truth. Modern communities offer a variety of tasty and healthy menu options designed for the Senior diet. Individual dietary needs are discussed with a dietician. Options are offered at meals for residents needing to watch their diets. Overall, food at Assisted Living Communities is diverse, healthy, balanced, nutritious, and enjoyable.   Bridge to Better Living does not let misconceptions about Assisted Living stop Seniors and their loved ones from making the right decision for a transition to Senior Living. Assisted Living has many benefits and improves the life of multiple Seniors. Have an expert consultant help debunk common myths and make an informed decision as to whether or not an Assisted Living Community is your next step. Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky offers support wherever you are in life. Our goal is to make transitioning to a Senior Living Community smooth and successful. If you are needing more information about Assisted Living for you or a loved one, contact us today.