The kids left 30 years ago and the avocado refrigerator died shortly thereafter. Their existing 1800 square footage has shrunk to 800 square feet of actual living and Opal wants to move and downsize.

Henry, like many Seniors, is opposed to change. Opal presents solid reasons. The basement stairs are steep, narrow and creaky. Carrying a basket of laundry is a challenge for her even with a railing. Henry uses a cane and the simple task of managing the entryway stairs is daunting. Henry’s solution? “I’ll just stay home more and change clothes less.”

Staying at home may mean less social activity and Opal worries not only her life will become dull but her brain may lose its acuity. She’s right. Without socialization Seniors are susceptible to depression, one of the leading causes of death in the elderly. Opal is aware of the signs of depression and feels Henry’s pessimism may soon lead to a diagnosis of such. She wants quality in her life.

Henry has been complaining about her cooking although he has never set foot in a kitchen. Even he has noticed an increased dependency on frozen entrees. They have both put on a little weight with the high sodium contents and evening snacks. Henry and Opal have become more sedentary and stopped their evening walks.

Opal has simply “had it.” She no longer wants to be cleaning the house and to hire a housekeeper is an added expense. Neither one of them has the stamina to do the yardwork. Sure, they could hire someone, but again there is a cost. The roof is 15 years old and other repairs are imminent. Opal cringes each time they turn on the furnace or the a/c. The costs of maintaining a house and the fees of cable, water, taxes and utilities are rising. Opal is on a mission and it is a valiant undertaking.

“Where do you want to be in 5 years?” she asks. “Right here” Henry responds. “No” Opal replies “not if you want to be with me. I am not going to risk my health, social life and blood pressure just to have you sit and operate the remote.” There is a solution.

Their friends have chosen Bridge to Better Living® and have been very happy with their guidance in selecting a new home. Opal slides the brochure under Henry’s nose. “Nice looking gals,” Henry observes as he looks at it. He’s right, but it’s not the only reason he’s opening the pages to read more information. “Bridge…sounds like perhaps we could do this one step at a time. Might even give us a good place to start.” Besides, if their friends are happy it must be worth the time. Stay tuned.

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