Medical Technology

Medical professionals now have the technology to provide cares to those who find it difficult to access care. Telemedicine (Telehealth), the most recent advancement in medical technology has grown in popularity as a response to the social restrictions of the 2020 Pandemic. Each state regulates and licenses the professionals integrating Telehealth. Federal and State legislatures are prioritizing avenues to improve access by widening broadband presence, especially in remote areas.

The Revolution of 2020 Medicine

Social distancing during the 2020 Pandemic reformed how physicians and patients interacted as medical care was recommended only for those with an emergency while others were told to remain home until medically necessary. Intouch Health stated “Telehealth reduced disease exposure for staff and patients, preserved scarce supplies of personal protective equipment, and reduced patient demand on facilities “during the Covid crisis.

Ease of Communication

Telemedicine has become the wave of the future. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) Telehealth reported medical visits increased 50% during the first quarter of 2020 as high numbers of patients began to seek treatment online. This advancement has allowed patient information to be shared by all physicians by the use of technology despite location. Should a patient receive extensive x-rays and consequently need a more informed diagnosis the images may be shared in little or no time with a specialist. This technological approach results in earlier collaboration and treatment while saving a patient valuable time and money. Telehealth spans distance and sets the stage for a successful outcome.

Bridge to Better Living understands the importance of Telemedicine as the Senior population grows. Innovation in technology makes Quality of Life possible for all Seniors. An inclusive approach to professionals with the use of Telehealth becomes vital with advancing age.

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