A spouse who has provided a deep and profound love for many years is irreplaceable. Lifelong partners who have shared the joys and challenges of a long marriage grieve deeply after the death of a spouse. Although there are no substitutes for love, ways exist to help adjust after losing a spouse.

Grieve Properly

Process emotions. It is important to recognize grief. Acknowledge sadness and know it is acceptable to share emotions. Embrace grief and share it with a trusted loved one.

There is no one rule with grief. Avoid insinuations of the “right” way to recover from the death of a spouse. Do not, however, turn to alcohol, isolation, or reckless behavior.

Ways to Cope

Seek Therapy if overwhelmed. Therapy helps identify coping mechanisms as these professionals are trained in navigating the grief process.

Never Forget the person you are grieving. Use the power of grief to continue life while honoring your partner. There are numerous ways to keep one’s memory and connection alive:

  1. Write a letter– Compose a letter to your spouse. This may help to work through unresolved feelings while feeling as if you are talking with them.
  2. Keep photographs and Mementoes– Photographs and mementos of the person you miss are valuable. Favorite memories allow one to move forward while still enjoying past moments.

Build A Support System– A successful approach to combat loneliness is having a support system. Accept offers for support and the resources offered to help you grieve.

Helping One Experiencing Grief

A surviving partner commonly feels displaced. Plan to visit or offer short activities. Respect their reluctance if they are not ready to engage socially. Tell them you will be there when they are ready.

Do not push discussion. Share your memories of the deceased and be ready to provide a shoulder.

Send gifts of their preferred snacks or gift cards to favorite stores and restaurants. Let them know you are thinking of them. Consider their new role in life- Listen to what they need. The grief is theirs, not yours.

Losing a spouse is incredibly difficult. After a death it is important to ensure all needs continue to be provided. Bridge to Better Living understands is the complexities of grief and practices Placement with Passion® as Seniors make a new life transition. Bridge to Better Living helps Seniors on all levels, both emotionally and physically. Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU. Contact them today.