Loneliness in Seniors

Seniors are highly susceptible to loneliness. More than 40% of Seniors have reported feeling lonely. However, many practical ways exist to increase Quality of Life and at the same time decrease loneliness. Bridge to Better Living suggests three basic approaches to start feeling happier.


  1. Hobbies

Hobbies provide a sense of purpose. Even with advancing age, it is still possible to participate in activities once loved. Arts and crafts, physical activity, music, sports, reading, or outdoor activities… all keep the brain busy.


Retirement is an opportunity to try something new. You will find other members of the community who would be excited to try a new activity or hobby with you. Engage in what activities you find enjoyable.


  1. Community of Support

If a transition to a new lifestyle is wanted or needed, consider a community where there are residents with similar backgrounds and interests. It is healthy to be with others who share interests and memories with you. Senior Communities offer diverse social groups and events to ensure their residents never feel isolated.


  1. Maintain Relationships

Elders worry they will lose contact with friends and family members when transitioning to a Retirement Community. However, loved ones are encouraged to continue their contacts. Invite loved ones to visit. Loneliness will decrease with the anticipation of a friendly visit. Technology helps Seniors, family, and friends remain in contact by texting, skyping, zooming, and video chatting. Everyone has an opportunity to stay “in the loop.” Schedule weekly “phone call dates” and look forward to regular conversations. Share photos and videos… feel a part of everyone’s lives. Write notes or letters. Letters are a wonderful way to start the day.


This week, set a goal to try a new hobby, participate in a community activity, and call a loved one. You will soon find feelings of loneliness diminishing. Should loneliness persist, contact a professional. You may have depression and need treatment.


Seeking a Senior Living Option is stressful and overwhelming. Transition Consultants at Bridge to Better Living offer expert one-on-one services and assist clients in comparing communities based on cost, location, features, and social environment. Schedule a consultation today with Northern Kentucky Bridge to Better Living.