Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky takes a special approach when it comes to helping Seniors with their transition. Bridge to Better Living is not only leading the way in compassionate and educated Senior placement but also franchise development. Bridge to Better Living was highlighted as one of the top 2020 Game Changers from… Read More

As Seniors age, they often experience joint pain, less mobility, and the need for further assistance to prevent falling and support a better range of movement. Walking aids like a cane or walker allow Seniors to move when and how they want with independence and confidence. Dangers of Falling According to the CDC, one in… Read More

Serving the Northern Kentucky area, Jacob joins us from leadership and Director roles at the YMCA. Jacob Brooks has the expertise, leadership qualities, compassion, and drive to provide Seniors in the Northern Kentucky area with the best possible leadership and guidance when choosing a Senior Living facility.   Jacob’s Leadership Background Jacob started early on… Read More