Seniors are highly susceptible to loneliness. More than 40% of Seniors have reported feeling lonely. However, many practical ways exist to increase Quality of Life and at the same time decrease loneliness. Bridge to Better Living suggests three basic approaches to start feeling happier.   Hobbies Hobbies provide a sense of purpose. Even with advancing […]


Depression in Seniors is a very serious mood disorder.  Feeling sad occasionally is unfortunately a normal part of life, especially as you or your loved one is going through a big life change.  However, if these symptoms persist for more than a few weeks, you may be experiencing depression.  This is a very serious situation […]


Brains are core components of who we are. They enable us to make decisions, plan, organize, and remem­­­ber. Brain health may decline with age, but there are ways to improve brain health as well as physical well-being. Choose foods known to boost cognitive capacity. Discover the best foods to incorporate into your diet today!   […]


When a Senior decides to transition to an Assisted Living Community life may suddenly become stressful and confusing. A change in living situations is a big decision in later years. Ease the worries and concerns of transitioning by consulting with a Transition Consultant who is trusted and knowledgeable, such as those at Bridge to Better […]


As Valentine’s Day rolls around, love is in the air. The feeling of love brings so much joy and happiness to many, and each person experiences love in a different way. Taking care of a loved one, at any age, should be centered around making sure they find something to be happy about every day. […]