Liberating? Yes, but choosing a community by yourself or in conjunction with advice from friends could become a nightmare. Find a Transition Consultant who is an expert on local communities and build a trusting relationship. You will not regret doing so.

What do You Want?

A Transition Consultant will initially meet with you to determine exactly what your needs are and listen to your wants. They will visit one-on-one and information they reveal may be surprising. Concerned about amenities? Services? Location? Let the Transition Consultant do the worrying. This chapter of your life should be stress-free and positive.

Kick the Tires

Your Transition Consultant will set appointments for tours at your convenience. Rest assured, you will have plenty of time to tour with the best representative of the community. Every aspect of the Independent Living you are touring will be revealed. View not only the dining room but the kitchen. Look over the activity calendar and notice if residents are participating. Chat with the housekeeper, the maintenance crew and visit with the trainers as they explain the advantages of using the fitness room. Enlisting a Transition Consultant gives you time, attention and insight into the “behind the scenes” of the community.

When done with the tour your Consultant will visit openly about any questions, pros or cons regarding the community. Consultants have brought an extensive checklist to the tour and after paying close attention to what is said and offered every box is checked.

If you would like to retour a community your Bridge to Better Living Consultant will arrange a time to return. This is a great way to experience the service, activities, and camaraderie of the residents. BBL connects clients to the people who will help you settle in…. we are the “Bridge” to a new life!

Contact Bridge to Better Living at www.bridgetobetterliving.com or by calling 402-802-3301.