Each day starts and ends with a hug, sprinkled with random hugs throughout the day. We are open to this sincere display of emotion without bias of age, sex, religion, ethnic background or political affiliation. Not only are we experts in finding the best Senior Living Community for our clients, but we are definitely experts in hugs. Hugs are important.

Being happy is a large part of looking at not only one, two, or three communities, but sometimes the sifting through of information after tours are completed.

A family approaching this search with a transition consultant is apt to find the best place sooner rather than later. Looking for a new home takes energy. Hugs area personal connection. First the conversation, then the smile and ultimately the hug. Research indicates actions as simple as holding hands or a back rub decrease anxiety. Senior Living Communities are full of hugs. They know the importance of touch. Even the resident who would complain if their ice cream was cold will respond to the simple human kindness of touch.

Cyndi Sarnoff –Ross, a licensed psychotherapist with almost twenty years of clinical experience in the fields of clinical psychology and organizational management states she “more often than not finds couples in crisis have stopped the simple everyday kind of touch that is crucial to a relationship”. This also applies to family relationships.

You will find when touring Assisted Living or Memory Assisted Living Communities the staff will hold hands with the resident to gently redirect or reassure them. Gentle shoulder massages are given on the spur of the moment. Eye contact followed by a quick squeeze or touch is standard procedure. Too often elderly people do not have touch when living far away from family. Hugs are important.

How do you feel when someone appreciates you? Do you prefer a smile? A hug? A gentle squeeze? Seniors are no different.

Hugs are so simple and a huge component in the improvement of mental health.

One would expect Seniors to have years of experience with hugs. Life is better with hugs. Transition Consultants at Bridge to Better Living® are Hug Experts. Right, Martha? Martha? Oh shoot, she’s busy hugging Gertrude!