A previous blog extolled the joys of Fall… fresh air, sunshine, a palette of colors, and fun outdoor activities. Was there a message between the lines? A silent intention?… perhaps the intended moral was to remind Seniors enjoyment is simpler when physically fit, especially after the age of seventy. Physical and mental fitness is serious business.

  • Fitness helps Seniors live independently by reducing the risks of falls and bone fractures.
  • Fitness decreases the chance of high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Fitness improves stamina and muscle strength.
  • Fitness decreases joint swelling and arthritis pain.
  • Fitness improves mental health by reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Fitness opens doors to social activity.

Tips to Stay Fit

Exercise is a celebration of what a body is able to do. Simply put, exercise does not mean heavy breathing, profuse sweating, or painful workouts. Exercise is movement… engaging in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness. It is as simple as walking to the mailbox and as difficult as dancing to a favorite tune. Move, move, move!

Consider these few easy ways to stay fit:

  • Stretch. Reach for the ceiling. Try to touch your toes.
  • Do your steps while watching a movie. Window shop while walking the mall.
  • Chair Exercise may be practiced in the privacy of your home. Choose Low Impact Exercises or try Yoga for Seniors, popular at most Senior Centers and Communities.

Start exercise slowly if you have not exercised for a while. Five minutes is an excellent start. Simply do a few stretches and march in place. Those in a wheelchair may start by reaching for the sky or doing side bends. The most natural form of exercise is to just move.

Add additional time to exercise routines once a daily pattern is in place. Better yet, tack on an additional exercise,  one safe and designed for Seniors.

Anyone who exercises is benefited by the release of extra endorphins, the happy hormone. Look good, feel good, and assure your physical and mental ability is good. Take a deep breath and exercise.

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