You may believe your memories and experiences are of no or little value, but they are priceless. Read further for suggestions on how to preserve your legacy for generations to come.

Organize A Photo-Album or Scrapbook

Photo-albums and scrapbooks are always in fashion. Collect the favorite images you have collected over time and place them chronologically or randomly in a dedicated photo album.

Scrapbooking, similar to a photo-album, has more room for personalization. Decorative tape, stickers, colored paper, decals, and other craft store items add character to the pages. Gather with family members, reminisce and build a scrapbook entailing your life from the very beginning.

Recipe Books

Do you find yourself wishing you had Mom’s special apple pie recipe? Choose now to share the directions for your favorite dish. Gather recipes together and have a family member store them online or use a more traditional approach and write each in a journal. A recipe from a past family member in the original handwriting is priceless.

Build A Family Tree

A variety of templates for family trees are available on-line and in local craft or book stores. Family names, as well as birth, marriage and death details, are able to be listed on the “branches.”  Anecdotes about family members may be included, stimulating interesting conversations with curious relatives.

Bury A Time Capsule

A fun non-traditional method to document history is collecting artifacts you deem worthwhile and tightly seal them in a container to be buried at a specified location.

Leave instructions for family members when to open the capsule and explain the purpose of the effort. Time capsules are a unique reminder of legacies and a fascinating slice of history for family members to cherish.

Record Audio or Video

Record a video or audio with the new advanced technology. Ask a family member to help create a spoken message or a series of memories gathered throughout your life. Preserve the sound of your voice in addition!

Spending time to preserve your legacy is an incredible way to spend time with family, share treasured memories and inspire future generations. Your wisdom and life experiences may influence descendants for many decades.

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