The onset of Winter brings thoughts of cozy sweaters, holiday gatherings, hot drinks, and … the risk of contracting the flu. This year a pandemic has introduced additional challenges. Senior Communities have been proactive and developed procedures intended to minimize any chance of residents becoming ill.. Because Seniors are at high risk it is crucial for them and their families to follow proper precautions and practices to avoid a health crisis this winter.

Stay Safe

Practice proper hygiene. This remains essential during flu season. Wash hands thoroughly and often. Use hand sanitizer frequently. If you are amongst others and use shared spaces, it is recommended you use disinfectant wipes and wipe down all surfaces being touched. This includes guide rails, public transportation seats, ATM machines and payment screens.


It is also important to practice new COVID safety guidelines, which, not surprisingly, are similar to those used to prevent the flu. Be aware of your surroundings and practice social distancing where there are more than 6-8 people. Wear a mask. Pay attention to and avoid “hot spots”. Circumvent large gatherings and possible contact with those infected or awaiting test results.


Take care of yourself. It is imperative your body is receiving the nutrition it needs, stays active and hydrated plus avoids outside stress. Proper nutrition includes immune system boosters … citrus, peppers, ginger, garlic, spinach, turmeric, and green tea to name a few. Stress increases corticosteroid levels and decreases immune system effectiveness.


Feeling ill? Stay home! Part of doing our part to keep the community healthy includes being home when we are feeling sick. Yes, there are work and personal responsibilities, which is why it is important to refrain from taking sick days when unnecessary. Seniors receiving help at home need to ask caretakers if they have a backup plan for when they are ill.


Stay on schedule with immunizations. Flu vaccines allow antibodies to develop and provide protection from the flu. Although millions catch the flu every year, it affects people differently. Reduce the risk of being hospitalized and becoming a statistic. Stop by your local pharmacy for a flu shot!


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