Remember the song lyrics  “bye, bye American Pie?” Numerous Seniors and loved ones beg to differ. Pie is here to stay… apple pie, pie in the sky, shepherd’s pie, pizza pie, pie charts, etc. February has been designated as pie month and if you have not yet enjoyed a slice of one of America’s favorite treats, now is the time.

Pie has been traced to the Greeks in 6000 B.C., who reputedly originated pastry shells by combining water and flour. These long-lasting shells contained many different types of meats and seafood. The first pies, called “coffyns” (“coffyns”) were savory meat pies with tall, straight-sided crusts, sealed-on the bottom and top.

Pie history is startling, revealing a surprising variety of ingredients. In the 14th century enormous pies containing  animals, whole turkeys, even people, were baked. One Duke broke the monotony of his dinner guests by having a pie open to reveal 28 musicians playing their instruments.

Thankfully American Pioneers were short on meat (and people) and relied on native fruits. Children on the prairie often had only apple pie for their meals. Pies soon were entered in county and state fair competitions.

Pie, with multiple serving options (ice cream, whipped cream, meat, vegetable, fruit, crumb crust, plain crust, no crust) is easily a favorite. Seniors stand by their choice as pies come from the heart and not a box. Family cookbooks and tales overflow with recipes handed down from generations. In America, apple pie is the number one choice for dessert with chocolate chip cookies second and red velvet cake a paltry eighth.

Nutritious pies do exist. Pumpkin pie, made from a vegetable, is healthiest and contains little sugar. Whipped cream unfortunately diminishes any benefits. Blueberry, cherry, strawberry, and apple (in this order) with antioxidant ingredients, are good choices if sugar is cut in half and top crusts are not in place. Worst pie for health? Chocolate, with 500 calories per slice. Choose wisely.

Nutrition  and Senior Health are important to Bridge to Better Living. Senior Living Options do address the dietary choices residents have as they age. Bridge to Better Living assists Seniors and loved ones find the best options in Retirement Living and understands food is a top priority. Enjoy a slice of pie without the stress of finding a new home. Contact Bridge to Better Living today.