Goals For a New Year

January 1st marked the beginning of a new year and fresh opportunities to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. As Steve Harvey has said, “You are never too old to reinvent yourself.” Let’s get started.

Holidays traditionally present Seniors and their loved ones an abundance of sweets and carb-loaded dishes. Resolve to push those foods away and visualize a plate created to stimulate immune systems and strengthen muscles. Veggies and fruits cover half a plate, whole grains a fourth, and protein the final fourth. A healthy first resolution to practice proper nutrition feeds not only the body but the brain. Schedule annual visits to medical experts and maintain positivity. Your body will thank you.

Exercise… we all love to exercise, right? If your Senior’s answer is no, perhaps a different approach is needed. Try a variety of movements…the National Institute of Health recommends approximately 22 minutes daily by using five different approaches:

  • Aerobic/cardio… walk.
  • Muscle strengthening… lift weights or soup cans.
  • Improve Balance… yoga, tai chi.
  • Increase flexibility… stretch.
  • Combine more than one activity… dance, play pickleball, join a fitness program.

Remember… start slowly. Consult a physician if there are health concerns.


While contemplating the previous two resolutions for 2024, a third resolution was engaged … brain stimulation. Brains become clearer when busy supporting other body parts. Each thought stimulates the development of new memory cells. Try new interests or hobbies. Choose reading material from a different genre. Enroll in a class and learn something new. Brains accustomed to change are more adept at managing stress and challenge. A strong immunity system is the result of good brain health.


Think positively about goals. Those who are healthy avoid negativity. Be positive… the sun still shines, cutting-edge innovations in medicine and technology continue, families still care, and Seniors are important.


Last, but not least, resolve to laugh. Laughter boosts immunity, kills pain, and engages both bodies and brains. A good belly laugh tones abdominal muscles and is a productive cardio workout.


Bridge to Better Living’s motto “Placement with Passion®” is an ongoing resolution. Our experts wish success for each client. Resolve to contact Bridge to Better Living today. Make 2024 the year your Quality of Life improves. Put down those noise makers, grab a healthy snack, and start dancing. Happy New Year and best of luck with your goals!