Are you wishing someone was there to help and advise you? Are you hoping to find a person who actually knows the “ins” and “outs” of Senior Living Communities?

Many people with the same concerns have turned to Bridge to Better Living® and each has a unique story. An infinite amount of reasons exist for the “whys” and “hows” of beginning their searches. A family being proactive with each spouse and child on the “same page” is a favorite scenario for Bridge to Better Living® but more the exception than the rule. Fathers become sons; Mothers revert to daughters; children become parents and spouses are suddenly feeling as if they are breaking their marriage vows. Life is unexpectedly different and not what was ever anticipated or dreamed.

Transition Consultants for Bridge to Better Living® are fortunate (most of the time even blessed) to sit with clients and discover the whole person…past, present and future. We visit about what they would like to see when the best Senior Living Option is found by working together. An expert consultant understands the reasons for a move and will offer alternative suggestions if the picture painted by the client or family is unrealistic or perhaps too emotionally driven. Having a calm third person navigating with a family prompted by crisis (think of a hospital discharge in two days to Assisted Living as the only option) is a phenomenal gift. At Bridge to Better Living® the Transition Consultants are not strictly medical; they simply know about the medical world and are able to put the “human” touch to each situation. If someone enjoys playing Bridge, BBL knows all the hot spots for cards. Should a client want a view, free transportation or great food, Bridge to Better Living® will find it. If someone is worried about having to move due to increased needs, Consultants are able to explain the existing paths and levels of care offered at each community. On the rare occasion BBL does not have a solution they will contact community resources and ensure each question is answered by the most qualified representative.

Bridge to Better Living® has had conversations with clients about wars, marriages lasting decades, broken bones and broken hearts. They have heard the secrets of recipes, in-laws and hidden resources. Stories of clients are filled with laughter and tears. BBL understands how easily families become overwhelmed with the perplexities of searching for a new Living Option. When touring Communities it is as important to us to find the right solution as it is to our clients. The right choices are rationalized with the expertise of a Transition Consultant from Bridge to Better Living®.

If you are thinking of making a move to a Retirement Community or in a crisis mode and carrying the weight of the world Bridge to Better Living® invites you to call and visit with a Transition Consultant. We will take your stress and worries as our own. There is no reason to be alone in this journey. Bridge to Better Living® always has room for one more person in the family.
The first step is always the most difficult. Let us help you walk through this chapter of your life. We’ll even put a smile on your face!