The moment the first song of the robin is heard it seems the endorphin’s start rolling. Take advantage of the energetic pull of spring and indulge in activities bringing joy. Here are a few to get you going.

  • Capture the Season with Your Camera – It doesn’t matter if you use your phone, tablet or camera, getting outside and taking pictures of your world waking up is fascinating. Experiment with unusual shots. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful pictures you capture with the new digital cameras. There is no film expense and unfavorable pictures are able to be deleted. From buds to birds the sky is the limit to photographic creativity.
  • Nature Walks – Walking is always good for your health, well-being and mental status. Make a plan to go for a walk where the trees are greening and flowers are blooming. Brighten your outlook on life. Pack a light lunch and a pair of binoculars to make a day of exploration.
  • Bird Watching – Spring is the perfect time for this activity. No matter where you live springtime is alive with the music of birds. Some may be passing by on their migration further north and others are content to make the local scene home. With a pair of binoculars you are able to enjoy their performance. Enrich your experience with a trip to the library or do a little research online to find out what birds are in your area. Download some bird songs to hear the sounds of different species. Nature parks often cater to bird watchers and even offer spring classes on the subject.
  • Plein Air Painting – Sounds elegant doesn’t it? A basket of artisan bread, a big chunk of gourmet cheese, some grapes and a nice bottle of wine to share as you set up your easel and paint by the bank of the river. Or you could grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some water colors and brushes, pad of paper and go to the nearest park to find a picnic table. Bring along the younger members of the family if you’re brave! Plein Air painting simply means painting outdoors. Many Plein Air painters replicate the landscape, however this is your time to paint whatever is pleasing. Water-based paints are easy to transport and work with outdoors, but choose the medium you prefer… crayons, markers, colored pencils or graphite. You don’t have to paint by the bank of the river either; the patio will do just fine.
  • Spring Cleaning – Not everyone will have this on their list of fun things but some of us love sprucing up our environment. Throw open the windows and bring in the fresh air! Toss all of winter’s accumulated clutter and give away as much as you are able. The feeling resulting from your generosity will lighten your heart. Removing the dust from the bookshelves and underneath the furniture is good for your lungs. Organizing space is energizing. Once you complete spring cleaning you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your clutter and dust-free home will look and smell wonderful. What a splendid way to usher in springtime!
  • Plant a Garden –People in even extremely small spaces have become creative in their approaches to gardening. There may not be space for rows and rows of vegetables or flowers but there could be space for a few pots. Popular garden containers are often crafted from discarded household items such as teacups and even old shoes.. Do research and add your own unique touch. Whether it’s an indoor terrarium or an edible wall you will find gardening to be one of the most relaxing and rewarding activities available.
  • Be a Tourist – People seldom take time to explore their surroundings. Residents of big cities sometimes have never ventured to experience the sights many tourists travel hundreds of miles to see. Art and science museums, parks, historical areas of interest are often taken for granted by the “locals.” This spring take time to be a tourist where you live. Grab a friend or two, take the grandkids or book an afternoon on the local tour bus to discover more about your hometown. If there isn’t a listing available, create your own tour with information from the library or online.

Springtime is a season of new birth and new beginnings. Make the most of this time of year by springing into action! Try new adventures, learn Tai Chi or make friends with someone of another culture. This spring step outside of your comfort zone and make the decision to enjoy new opportunities. Step outside of your comfort zone a little. Have fun!