With the right exercises, seniors can enhance their quality of life. Mental or physical well-being means staying active, using muscles and neurons… which are keys to a long and healthy life.

Exercise, of course, pays no attention to weather… although a more positive spin is possible with the brightness and warmth of summer months. Now is the time of year when the sun is expected to shine, and Seniors look for new and innovative ways to soak in natural Vitamin D without compromising their Quality of Life.

A first thought is to walk. Walking is touted as one of the best forms of exercise for all ages. Lungs breathe deeply, hearts pump stronger and low impact movement improves balance. Walking may be enjoyed alone or in groups at any time of day. Seniors need to be confident they have proper footwear and if sunny, stay hydrated, are dressed appropriately and wearing sunscreen.

Seniors have a plethora of choices in outdoor sports. Generations have played golf, tennis, racquetball, horseshoes and much more. Now pickleball, a cross between badminton, ping-pong, and tennis has become popular with every generation as well as Seniors. The rules are simple and quickly learned.

Check out the local Senior Center, city parks and recreation, YMCA, or a sports complex and explore classes or teams you or your loved ones could join. Even members of your family may join you in this new endeavor for exercise.

In many southern states, Seniors swim outdoors year-round, while those in milder climates are confined to indoor pools. Find a gym or fitness center offering warm water to do laps or water aerobics. Retirement Communities consider swimming pools a benefit to residents and transport interested Seniors to a nearby pool.

Yoga instructors are moving their classes outdoors in good weather. Stretching while breathing deeply is healthy, relaxing, and beneficial both physically and mentally. Tai Chi is another low impact exercise and is better for Seniors who are unable to stay in one position for very long.

Bridge to Better Living cares about each of its clients in all kinds of weather. Our motto Placement with Passion® influences a look on the bright side of life! Enjoy the outdoors and improve Quality of Life… a new lifestyle in Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted or Long-Term Care suiting your needs and wants is possible. Make a healthy choice. Contact Bridge to Better Living today.