Remember encyclopedias? The burdensome volumes of knowledge about everything from the “big bang” to the date of publication? Most of those over a certain age (“old” age) recall the trauma of waiting until the last minute to write a school report only to find the information desperately needed was in the volume missing from the set. Additional angst erupted when Roget’s Thesaurus was missing a page during searches for alternative ways to express ourselves, or the dictionary didn’t spell the word as we recognized it. Growing up without the internet was not for the faint of heart.

It has taken a while to adapt to smartphones, the gadgets containing more computer technology than our first spaceship, but sixty percent of Seniors are now considered user-friendly. iPads and Kindles increased with Senior usage, as did streaming television shows and movies. Change is not easy, but Seniors are persistent. Good for them!

Technology is not age biased. Many classes exist solely for the education of those who grew up using typewriters, cumbersome cameras, landlines… and encyclopedias. Seniors are now able to visit families and loved ones via Skype or FaceTime. Memories are shared on social media, such as Facebook. Need information or background music? Ask Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa. The only requirement is a voice command, thus eliminating a need for written information (encyclopedias for instance). Technology has put worlds at the fingertips of curious Seniors.

Listed below are just some internet advantages presented to Seniors.

  • Travel anywhere, right from home
  • Health and finance information when formulating a decision
  • Social interaction, games, and activities
  • Entertainment, movies, books, and magazine subscriptions
  • Shopping for every need, clothes, replacement parts, gifts, and food
  • Convenience: banking, bill paying, and prescription refills


Technology has presented numerous health advantages. Med-alert devices reduce worries about if a parent or loved one is safe. Lift chairs, medication dispensers, automatic shut-off devices, motion sensor lighting, and numerous gadgets are invaluable to Seniors and loved ones.

At Bridge to Better Living you will find Transition Consultants ready to assist Seniors find the most appropriate Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted, and Long-Term Care. Technology is only one of the tools Bridge to Better Living employs when working with clients. Contact Bridge to Better Living today and discover why we are the best first choice in your Transition Journey.