senior demographics - seniors on bench

Colorado is known for its flourishing and growing population of younger people. However the Senior demographics are changing and, according to a recent U.S. News ranking study, Colorado may be one of the best states for aging. Baby boomers are starting to age and move into their Senior years. It is estimated by 2040 there will be over 80 million people 65 and older. Reflecting this national statistic, Colorado’s Senior population is following this trend.

Growing Quickly

Colorado’s Senior population is growing rapidly and is projected to increase by over 75% between 2015 and 2030. By 2050, one in five Coloradans will be 65 and older. In 2015 the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging was created to examine the shifting Senior demographics and dynamics each year, the most recent plan being 2020. This includes a “vision for Colorado” to improve Senior quality of life, financial security, and ability to live fully and happily. Read here to explore the recent initiatives proposed to meet these goals.

The Importance of Health and Wellness for Colorado Seniors

The following are factors needing to be met as the Senior population increases in Denver and Colorado:

1.    Economic Needs

Seniors need to be prepared financially for the future by having the resources to meet their physical and economic needs. Financial security determines Senior’s ability to access housing, food, and medical resources.

2.    Health Needs

Medical needs exponentially increase as we age with medications, doctor visits, and the need to maintain and treat various diseases and chronic conditions. Seniors need quality access to medical insurance, healthcare providers, and proper resources. Transportation to various appointments may also be difficult for Seniors to obtain. Denver and Colorado are known for their excellent health and medical facilities.

3.    Emotional Needs

The likelihood of suffering from loneliness, depression, financial hardship, and other health care concerns increases resulting in senior mental health issues. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 15% of adults 60 and over have a mental disorder. Seniors need to receive as much emotional and mental health care and attention as other age groups.

The growing population and migration of older adults from other states to Colorado indicate Senior needs will increase. Bridge to Better Living now serves the Central and South Denver areas. We strive for smooth transitions to ensure Seniors’ economic; health and emotional needs are met in their new living community. Bridge to Better living cares about YOU! Contact our no cost services in the Denver location.