BBL was a remarkable undertaking at first as there were no other placement services locally owned and operated. Bridge to Better Living® was a dream inspired by a scattered pile of brochures, notes, business cards and class homework waiting to be graded on a kitchen table. Mary Ann Stallings, who was at the time a… Read More

The article discusses the upward trajectory of the senior population in the Lincoln, NE area over the next 25+ years to come, as well as the growing demand for senior housing to accommodate this projected increase. Currently, the lack of Assisted-Living communities presents a waiting issue for many seniors in the area. “Although the needs… Read More

The article When Life Events Merge, Good Things Can Happen, details the events that took place in order for her to take the bold step of co-creating a business that contributes to the lifestyle greatly valued in and around Lincoln, Nebraska. “When the client loves the benefits and my employees love what they do, then my goals for Bridge to… Read More