Winter presents beautiful scenes straight from a Hallmark card, but it also brings its own set of challenges. The question is “Should I move now or wait for Spring?” It is easy to think of living independently at home when the weather is nice but as the days begin to shorten it may be time… Read More

Families are now busy making family plans for the upcoming holidays. It’s an excellent time for loved ones to gather and enjoy one another’s company. Traveling with a loved one living with Alzheimer’s, however, poses special challenges. Most of these are able to be overcome or lessened with thoughtful pre-planning. Enjoy a safe and pleasant trip with the following tips.… Read More

Changes are needed in your home to accommodate the loss of sight. The number and types of adaptations depend on the extent of the loss of vision. Losing part of your sight will mean fewer changes than a total loss of vision. Homes should be comfortable as adjustments are made to accommodate vision loss.… Read More

Life is frustrating when young children don’t listen. A parent who refuses to listen is equally as exasperating. It is important to have a conversation and have parents listen, especially when considering a move to Senior Living.… Read More