A New Year’s resolution doesn’t always require a year-long commitment. Consider a goal you would like to accomplish and break it into smaller, more achievable steps within a reasonable timeframe. New Year’s resolutions should build, not break, your confidence.… Read More

We helped our children with homework, kept them from eating too much junk, taught them manners, screened their friends and enforced curfew. Those were long days, and I don’t remember being very popular. We had a lot of responsibility. As grandparents, we may still do some of those things, but now we see it through… Read More

Seniors are cautious about traveling when they consider their physical and medical needs. Lack of mobility, distance from physicians and portability of health insurance are all concerns. This certainly does not mean Seniors should not travel Researching amenities available at future vacation spots helps Seniors be more confident about their travel plans.… Read More

Differences in smell and taste have an enormous impact on food choices. Stomach issues may lead to avoiding certain foods. Taking care of ourselves is important to minimalize nutritional deficiencies, dehydration or malnutrition, all issues impacting the older adult.… Read More

Winter presents beautiful scenes straight from a Hallmark card, but it also brings its own set of challenges. The question is “Should I move now or wait for Spring?” It is easy to think of living independently at home when the weather is nice but as the days begin to shorten it may be time… Read More