In today’s technological age we are spending more time indoors than in previous years. The effects are becoming more unsatisfactory. The detrimental effects of spending long periods of time inside may not be recognizable until it is too late. However you do not need to spend your entire day outside as short frequent walks or… Read More

Keeping physically fit is very important and is able to be done without a personal trainer. Realize how vital it is to stay active and keep moving. Always consult with a physician before beginning any physical regime. Enjoyable and simple activities are easily incorporated into daily routines Here are five easy activities gentle on joints… Read More

They were a perfect dance team and many of their friends were met and kept at the Friday night Dance Club. Sadly, it seems those days have come to an end with technology and an entirely different world of socialization. For the pre-Baby Boomers however, dance is still a religion. Seniors love moving to their… Read More