Is it the time of evening when television is most watched? Would you consider it the best time of your life? Or could it be the best time to be active if there was an opportunity to be active? A common question heard when touring a new community is “what activities are offered?” Bingo? Plenty… Read More

We may not be as agile as we’d like to be. Medical and physical issues may prevent us from activities we did with ease only a few short years ago. At the same time, research clearly reveals the importance of staying physically and mentally active in your senior years. There are plenty of activities that… Read More

Medical and physical issues may disallow activities once performed with ease. Research reveals the importance of staying physically and mentally active in our Senior years. Here is a listing of activities both enjoyable, healthy, and safe for Seniors of all ability levels.   Stretching – Keep the body’s muscles in good shape. Muscle flexibility is… Read More

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Our aging bodies need necessary nutrients. A nutrient-rich diet helps to avoid health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol. Here are tips and reasons to start changing daily routines and diets. Metabolism As we grow older, our metabolism starts to naturally slow down. Exercise is important to help maintain a metabolic rate,… Read More