The alterations of living as a Senior have many retreating into their homes and losing the social life built throughout younger years. The cultures of neighborhoods change when friends and family pass away or move to other places. Independent or Assisted Living Communities are one way to continue to have a social life in a… Read More

The following 5 tips are helpful to you and your loved one throughout the search for and a realization of a move.   Communicate The biggest key to moving a loved one into Senior Living is communication. Keep your Senior aware of the steps of the process if possible. Moving from a home of many… Read More

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Looking into a mirror while wearing a swimsuit exposes every blemish, lump and bump a woman has been able to ignore or disguise until this one dramatic moment. Females would rather be locked in a dark cobweb filled cellar than go shop for a swimsuit. Not Gertrude. Gertrude’s Retirement Community has recently offered a membership… Read More

Now you are facing the decision to move into a Senior Living Option and have reasonable concerns about maintaining your independence. Many of the uninviting preconceptions of this lifestyle have changed. Discover how. Loss of Freedom Some people still equate Senior Living with “going to the old folks’ home.” Apprehension evolves with the belief your… Read More