Their methods vary and include phone calls, internet and email solicitations and even face to face visits. Being aware of the many popular scams is a step in protecting yourself. Remember If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Listed below are a few of the most common scams directed to Seniors.… Read More

Differences may have been negligible in some outcomes but huge in others. Retirement presents itself in a variety of ways. Not Quite Ready Phasing out your career is one step when considering retirement. Perhaps you aren’t quite ready to make a full commitment to a new lifestyle. There are matters to consider such as health… Read More

This quote from the last scene of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” illustrates friendship is a precious commodity as well as a vital part of healthy living. People who have a vibrant social network are healthier and happier and live longer. Some people are natural social butterflies. They walk in a room and people… Read More

And just where is Grandma Gertrude’s sugar cookie recipe? Is it possible to recreate her specialty? Interesting how much life parallels the art of baking cookies. We all look for the perfect recipe and muddle through the journey of trial and error until we either throw our hands up in frustration or reach a heavenly… Read More

Every year winter weather is blamed for accidents and injuries for people of all ages, but seniors can be especially vulnerable. Planning is the key to seasonal safety; here are a few tips for seniors to prepare for the winter months ahead. Preparing Your Home Preparation for winter starts at home. You should have supplies… Read More