We traditionally prepare for marriage, home ownership and retirement, all major life events. One chapter in life we often take for granted however is aging. Every year we edge closer to what we hope are the “Golden Years.” Have you talked to your family about such sensitive issues? Get the Ball Rolling A few topics… Read More

Your heart is the most vital organ in your body. Without proper care malfunctions occur and create a variety of life-changing challenges: diabetes, high blood pressure, lung diseases and respiratory problems. Keeping your heart strong helps reduce the odds of health crises. The words “heart friendly” conjure the picture “tasteless” for most people. Not true!… Read More

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We may not be as agile as we’d like to be. Medical and physical issues may prevent us from activities we did with ease only a few short years ago. At the same time, research clearly reveals the importance of staying physically and mentally active in your senior years. There are plenty of activities that… Read More