We recently had a client who was doing just fine living in her small three bedroom home with her collection of teapots and calendar of activities. Then one day she went to dust those teapots full of memories and kerplunk! Senior lifestyles obviously change when you land on your bum and then go into rehab.

When our client (let’s call her Gertrude), knew going back to her house was not going to be an option without hiring home health care around the clock, she started thinking about the prospect of aging in place. Those teapots had become more of a chore than a joy; certainly not the safest of hobbies after this incident. Smaller spaces seemed to be more appealing, as did the prospect of having others take care of not only her apartment, but her. Gertrude wasn’t quite ready to let go of all her activities, however. She valued the prospect of engaging in events geared for seniors; Gertrude wanted it all…well, at least a good portion of it.

Most of all, Gertrude wanted a home for Seniors, with the independence Assisted Living can offer, and it had to be an affordable senior community also.

Her Geriatric Case Manager left her a brochure for Bridge to Better Living®. Having help to work through the process of finding Assisted Living was appealing, especially at no cost to her. Luckily she had some time to research her choices. Gertrude knew Seniors are not always afforded the luxury of selecting their next home. Many times it’s circumstance making the choice and what is open, is open.

So Gertrude put in a call to Bridge to Better Living® and we sat down to learn about this wonderful lady. Actually, Gertrude was lying down, but was open about her likes, dislikes, goals, and means to accomplish them. We discussed in length where her needs could be met, lifestyles, and availabilities.

When she was able to tour, Bridge did the chauffeuring, made all of the introductions to the Senior Communities, and became her own personal assistant.

Once the choice was made, Gertrude put her name on the waiting list. When she was discharged, her new home was waiting for her.

It’s been a few months and we are happy to report Gertrude is completely rehabilitated. She put the stress of navigating the world of Assisted Living on our shoulders. It really is uncharted territory and as confusing as an old road atlas is for beginning drivers. We were happy to be on this journey with her. In fact, we’re going over to Gertrude’s next week…she has a new teapot to show us.