Bridge to Better Living is excited to announce Liza Olson as the newest member of the Bridge to Better Living Franchise team. The ongoing success and philosophy of Placement with Passion® inspired Liza to join Bridge to Better Living. Liza strongly believes in serving the Seniors who have served her. A connection with them through a Denver office fulfills her dream to connect with a cause close to her heart.     Liza had followed the Bridge to Better Living success story and chose an opportunity to become a part of the team in 2020. The connections Liza built during her career as well as a desire to help others made Bridge to Better Living a trusted and first choice.   Liza was extremely close to her grandparents during her childhood. After both of her grandfathers passed, Liza noticed her aging grandmothers needed increased support, community, and memory care. Liza witnessed her parents struggle to find appropriate care for her grandmothers while balancing work and family. The stress experienced throughout this process highlighted the importance of enjoying a good Quality of Life and building memories to the importance of finding the right assistance when helping Seniors discover the best living options soon became apparent.   Liza is a natural connector and recognized professional in the Denver community. She is married to her husband Ryan and has two sons. Liza enjoys spending time with family, hiking, golfing, and music. Family, love, and passion for others are the driving forces of her professional success. These personal strengths translate easily to Liza’s new role of providing support and assistance to countless Seniors.   As a Senior Transition Consultant, Liza will assist Seniors find and transition to a Senior Community best fitting their social, medical, physical and financial needs and wants in the Denver area. Her extensive finance and business background make her an informed and knowledgeable consultant. Liza realizes from past experience the importance of objective and compassionate guidance. Seniors and their loved ones will have an opportunity to enjoy a stress-free transition with the guidance offered by Liza.   Bridge to Better Living is honored to be a part of the Denver, Colorado area and to have a team member with the passion and knowledge needed for success. Liza embodies our motto, Placement with Passion. Intelligence, a desire to serve others, a network of professional connections, and a strong moral compass define Liza and Bridge to Better Living.