Are you self-motivated, passionate about Seniors and eager to help them achieve Quality of Life as they age? If so, a Bridge to Better Living Franchise is the perfect answer for you. Our unique process is a trusted, realistic, and respected approach every time a new market is launched. You will benefit from starting with the years of experience of a  Bridge to Better Living Franchise. Did you know a franchise owner’s success rate far surpasses building a business from the ground up?


Owning A Franchise

A Franchisee with Bridge to Better Living has current resources, tools, and guidance available 24/7. Expert and proven management systems are in place each step starting with training. As a Franchisee of Bridge to Better Living, you will have the opportunity to guide and make substantial differences in the lives of Seniors and their families. Bridge to Better Living offers you trusted and established connections to help build your success story.


Bridge to Better Living presents an opportunity to enjoy a healthy work-life balance as your schedules will be primarily appointment based. Access to Senior healthcare updates, education, and continuous training is in place. Bridge to Better Living remains up to date in each aspect of the ever-evolving Senior health field to ensure they and their franchisees are prepared for market changes when they are foreseen or suddenly occur.


An Established Brand

The Bridge to Better Living brand is established and trusted. We take pride in connecting Seniors with all levels of Senior-Retirement Communities. The relationships built by expert consultants with clients by understanding their individual physical, medical, social, and financial needs has resulted in countless successes. Bridge to Better Living has an established audience and is highly respected in the Senior health field. Your franchise will have the opportunity to grow quickly and efficiently.


Supportive Atmosphere

Bridge to Better Living believes having the tools to succeed is important. Franchisees are supported every step of their franchise journey, including extensive ongoing training from qualified experts and one on one experiences. Franchisees are trained on techniques for conducting research on the communities in their territory, using BridgIT, their exclusive database. Open communication with the corporate office is always available..



Bridge to Living Franchise has been included in Franchise Dictionary Magazine’s Top 100 Game Changers of 2020 for exhibiting exceptional leadership in Senior healthcare as well as offering an enviable work-life balance. October’s issue of Franchise Dictionary Magazine` featured Mary Ann Stallings, founder, owner, and president of Bridge to Better as one of their 50 Women of Wonder (WOW) where candidates are chosen for breaking barriers into business ownership for others and are powerful women in their fields. Join the Bridge to Better Living Power Team and begin making a difference now. Please complete and submit a franchise form today. We look forward to having you on the Bridge to Better Living Franchise team.