Serving the Northern Kentucky area, Jacob joins us from leadership and Director roles at the YMCA.

Jacob Brooks has the expertise, leadership qualities, compassion, and drive to provide Seniors in the Northern Kentucky area with the best possible leadership and guidance when choosing a Senior Living facility.   Jacob Brooks - Bridge To Better Living Member

Jacob's Leadership Background

Jacob started early on with a drive to help others. Joining the Parkersburg YMCA when he was just 19 years old he was quickly promoted within years of joining to a director position at the Market Square YMCA branch. During his time at the Market Square YMCA branch, Jacob fondly remembers leading a group of seniors in an exercise routine every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. He loved the commitment he saw in those Seniors to attend the classes no matter the obstacles. Jacob developed deep bonds and friendships with these Seniors, creating a lasting impression that would guide him in years to come. After eight years of laughter, friendship, and helping the community, Jacob set his sights on the open position of Executive Director at the R.C. Durr YMCA in Burlington, KY. Again, seeing the driven, accomplished, and a qualified person in front of them, the YMCA leaders selected him as their new Executive Director. In this role, Jacob continued to serve families and Seniors, as well as adapt to new challenges facing the community. In 2015, County officials and communities looked to him and his team to step in when two Senior facilities lost their providers who ran operations. Jacob and his team gathered all the resources and knowledge they possessed and took over supporting these Senior Centers, supporting all three to this day. Through his leadership roles at the YMCA, Jacob has developed a deep love and commitment for his community. His personal connections with Seniors in the Kentucky community have provided the perfect foundation for continuing to serve these Seniors as a Transition Consultant for Bridge to Better Living. Jacob is married to his beautiful wife Andrea and a proud father of three children whom he loves dearly. Family and community are incredibly important to him. Jacob has a passion for the outdoors and exercising and enjoys a round of golf every now and then.  

Jacob's Path to Bridge to Better Living

Jacob Brooks has always been drawn to owning his own businesses and utilizing his leadership skills and expertise to continue to serve the community in new ways. Seeing the deep commitment and passion Mary Ann Stallings and her team have for assisting families and aging Seniors in Lincoln and Omaha, Jacob was inspired to get involved. Jacob`s personal experience and connections with the Seniors in Kentucky allowed him to recognize they experience the same challenges of finding the right living communities as well. Thus, inspiring and moving Jacob to continue to strive to improve the quality of life for others, now as a Senior Transition Consultant. Like and follow Jacob's page to stay up to date with Bridge to Better Living news relevant to the Northern Kentucky chapter.