This past month, Certified Senior Advisor Jacob Brooks from Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky joined the Senior Services Alliance for a presentation at a local Senior living community. Senior Services Alliance is a regional resource, with experts on a variety of topics, for Seniors and their families.   Jacob Brooks said, “I am blessed to be a member of the Senior Services Alliance and work with individuals who are trustworthy and dedicated to serving Seniors. I have seen firsthand the impact of the Senior Services Alliance. In most cases, finding the right Senior Living Community is just one of the challenges my clients face. My clients appreciate my ability to quickly and easily direct them to resources to fill other needs they may have.”   The purpose of the Senior Services Alliance is to make resources readily available and accessible to Seniors. All members have specific expertise in serving the aging population. However, Seniors’ needs often extend beyond what any one member is able to provide. As a member of the Senior Services Alliance, Jacob Brooks with Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky works closely with other members to ensure all of his client’s needs are met.   Hans Engelhardt of Crescent Insurance is the founder of Senior Services Alliance.  When asked about creating the alliance, he said, “My clients would seek me out for advice or direction on various types of services or challenges they faced. Many times, I didn’t have the answer or know where to find the answer, which was unacceptable to me. If people seek you out for help, you need to help them. It was because of these experiences I created the Senior Services Alliance and recruited experts, who I holistically trust, in various areas of serving our aging population. Now I quickly and easily direct my clients to trusted resources.”   Education is an important component of the Senior Services Alliance. By using a Senior Transition Consultant, Seniors and their family members will rest assured all of their questions are being answered and they will have a successful and smooth transition through the continuum of care.   With a vibrant and growing organization, Senior Services Alliance encourages all businesses and professionals who serve the Senior market to join the network for educational opportunities. We are proud and honored to have Jacob Brooks representing Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky in the Senior Services Alliance.