Now you are facing the decision to move into a Senior Living Option and have reasonable concerns about maintaining your independence. Many of the uninviting preconceptions of this lifestyle have changed. Discover how.

Loss of Freedom
Some people still equate Senior Living with “going to the old folks’ home.” Apprehension evolves with the belief your time and activities are directed by the staff and residents have little choice. This myth fortunately is easily dispelled. Senior Living holds a multitude of choices for Independent Seniors. They are able to continue as always and make individual choices. Few restrictions are placed on these residents. Assisted Living provides additional help from medical staff to meet each resident’s needs. Instead of cooking, cleaning, maintaining a house and worrying about additional expenses Seniors are able to pursue interests and enjoy activities with friends and family. Peace of mind is provided.

Fear of Change
Most Seniors have lived in their current home for years, even decades. Sweet and bittersweet memories abound in every room. Each piece of furniture, every mark on the wall, the color of the paint and individual knick-knacks have a story. At any stage of life it is difficult to let go of the past and embark on a new adventure. There is also a certain joy in the change by letting go of the old to embrace the new. Visiting several communities with the assistance of experts helps relieve any anxiety associated with choosing a move.

Fear of the Unknown
We all know what to expect when in familiar surroundings. There are the usual sounds and smells of home, light switches and doors are where they have always been and noises are never alarming. Moving to a new place where there are people who share your moving in experiences and has a staff ready to welcome you makes a move enjoyable. Bring the fun of your current social life with you while you are making new friends at your new home. Decorate your new place so it feels comfy and familiar. Start each day with a purpose.

Rethinking the Decision
Many people compose a list of the pros and cons before moving to a Retirement Community. It is not unusual to find moving into a Senior Living Community has more positives than remaining at home. Choosing to move when healthy is the best decision. Waiting until a crisis exists is chaotic and stressful.

Financial Considerations

There are many financial responsibilities in owning a home even if the mortgage has been paid off for years. Home related expenses are paid on a routine basis. Heating, cooling, electricity, gas, garbage, water and cable are a few. Another expense is home maintenance.  A Senior Living Community includes a majority of these amenities. Your former home owner expenses are now covered by the community.


Be proactive. Place thought and planning into a plan for your future. Bridge to Better Living® is here to help understand the pros and cons. They provide professional and compassionate assistance to find the answer right for you. Contact Bridge to Better Living® when you are beginning to consider moving to a Retirement Community. They are transition experts!