Scents of cinnamon and peppermint permeate the air, announcing the holidays have arrived. First Hanukkah enters with latkes, beef brisket, matzo ball soup and delicious jelly-filled doughnuts. Next Kwanzaa stirs the senses with Caribbean delights, jalapeno black-eyed peas, catfish, and sweet potato pie. A final December holiday, Christmas, heralds sugar cookies, homemade candies, baked ham, and prime rib … followed by peppermint ice cream and a slice of fudge.

Overindulgence in holiday dishes is unavoidable when kitchens invite everyone with irresistible aromas. A holiday meal may tempt overeating, but moderation could be the solution. Tips to avoid overkill and use healthy alternatives include avoiding processed foods and choosing homemade dishes, selecting unfrosted cookies, and reaching for vegetables as appetizers. Eat at normal meal times, use portion control, and slow down while eating. Drink plenty of water and limit alcohol intake. Best of all, take a walk with a loved one after eating. Keep moving to combat extra calories.

Many healthy recipes are found online with choices including delicious sides, main courses, and desserts. Nutritional choices could make the holiday spirit last much longer than the actual celebration. Remember, holidays are about making memories with Seniors and loved ones. Reconnect with friends and family, ditch the elastic waist pants, and avoid indulging to the point of discomfort.

An unknown author sums up the most fitting recipe for any holiday.


4 cups of good memories
2 Tablespoons of JOY
1 cup of relaxation
3 Teaspoons of anticipation
A dash of faith
2 ½ cups of “jolly” beans
A splash of eggnog (optional)
1 Barrel of good cheer
An assortment of good friends & loving family


  1. Take good memories and joy, mix thoroughly
  2. Add relaxation
  3. Blend anticipation and faith
  4. Fold in “jolly” beans and eggnog
  5. Sprinkle abundantly with good cheer
  6. Garnish with friends and family
  7. Bake with love

Serving size: Makes enough to last the whole year!


Bridge to Better Living wishes all Seniors and their loved ones happy holidays. Contact them today.