Healthy minds and bodies are a result of staying active and engaged. Ask yourself if you or your loved one are truly committed to being active or has it simply been a longtime goal. Are you exercising every day? If not, why not? As we age, there is an increased chance of being overweight, sedentary or fearing the consequences of a fall. Well… stop it! Get busy, even if in short spurts, and find ways to move. A Swedish study has shown physical activity adds years to peoples lives.


Try to be outside once a day and walk; start slowly and gradually add to your time. Recharge your vitamin D in the sunlight. If concerns about COVID-19 or the flu prevent you from being outside, practice a variety of exercises indoors. Inclement weather? Walk inside a mall! Window-shop as you stroll. Bring a friend and socialize as you count laps. Keep moving and remember speed is not as important as motion. It’s about staying active! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states even a little movement is better than none.


Seniors today are biking, playing pickleball, joining walking clubs, and learning yoga at an increased rate. Some start slowly and others jump right into the activities. Be sure to have the proper footwear and stay hydrated. Commit yourself to a routine and consider encouraging others to join you. If you are a Senior who is challenged, discover appropriate exercises. Chair exercises for Seniors may be found online and are ideal and safe physical activities.


Life is a journey, filled with changes, challenges, and incredible moments. Bridge to Better Living realizes the importance of preserving a current lifestyle and having opportunities to improve. We believe in helping Seniors celebrate a healthy life and reach their full potential. Please reflect on what constitutes your Quality of Life and how enjoyment begins with the wherewithal to be active. Take a walk with Bridge to Better Living and tour Senior Communities… Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted, or Long-Term Care. Benefit from our expertise because Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU.