Would we have made the same decisions or made other choices? Take action to avoid five common regrets.

1. Spending Enough Time with Loved Ones

How do we make up for lost time when time seems to be disappearing? Many people wish they had spent more time with friends and family once the sands in the hourglass begin to dwindle. Whether you spent too much time at work or simply never made personal relationships a priority those decisions may haunt you. However, it is never too late to make an effort to begin building memories with those you love.

Consider what the present offers instead of what could have been. Reach out to old acquaintances through the internet. If you are not computer-savvy there is likely someone who is able to assist you to track down old contacts. Begin making an effort to spend more time with those close to you especially kids and grandkids. Make it a goal to spend time with someone you love every day, whether it is in person, on the phone, writing a letter or messaging on social media. Minimize the regret of time lost with loved ones and maximize the opportunities now.

2. Traveling to the Places of Your Dreams

A common regret people have in their golden years is not having traveled to places they wanted to experience. Many wish they had invested time and money in travel while still young and healthy enough to fully enjoy the adventures.

The world is full of amazing places to visit, both here and abroad. Traveling to each nook and cranny of the world may not be feasible at this point in your life but there are still many places to visit. Depending on health and mobility a cruise or group tour catering to Seniors may be the ticket for you. If travel is completely out of the question travelogues or the power of technology enables one to enjoy the sites and scenes of faraway places. Seeing beautiful locations through photographers’ eyes is almost equal to being there.

3. Getting the Education Level You Desire

Many people wish they would have achieved higher levels of education whether finishing high school or getting a college degree. It is never too late to continue to learn or even receive a degree however life experiences matter. Some are blessed with a talent not found in educational assemblies. Skills are significant and mentoring others is a gift you are able to share. Many people have been successful in their careers or raised amazing families with or without a diploma. We need to give ourselves credit for the successes in our lives. Still, wanting more education? Discover online classes or local colleges and universities offering Seniors a discount.

4. Taking Better Care of Your Health

The choices you made throughout your life regarding diet, exercise and nutrition do affect health. Past years are irretrievable but it is possible to take care of your health now and focus on best choices for longevity. Stay active, both mentally and physically, to improve health and give your body what it needs. What is important today are the choices made going forward.

5. Time Missed with Those Who Are Gone

There is no way to turn back the clock and spend lost time with loved ones before they passed away. Yet it is one of the regrets that haunt many. While there is no way to attempt a “re-make” focus on never repeating the same mistakes. Open your door and your heart to loved ones.

It is natural to reflect on your life and feel guilty about certain decisions. It is also impossible to change the past. Regretting those decisions is a waste of time. Spend more time appreciating the good aspects of life and the wonderful memories made while focusing on creating more positive memories today and every day.