In honor of August being Happiness Happens month…

Here are four reasons older adults are the happiest adults of all ages.


“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” Benjamin Franklin. Does happiness evolve over the years or is becoming a Senior the ”right” time to pursue happiness? Are the “golden years” an illusion? ABC news reports older adults are the happiest adults of all ages. How could this be? Consider the following thoughts.



Those in their 70s and beyond have experienced a variety of life changes. The older generation has been described as resilient. Happy Seniors accept differences in abilities to react, whether it be speed or strength, and either find alternatives or accept the changes as part of aging.

Support is found in old and new friendships. Progressive medical advances and increased awareness of the aging process by professionals help Seniors understand what is normal and when to be concerned.



A positive mind increases activity. As brains learn new information, hormones associated with happiness are released and a domino effect begins…healthy minds, active bodies, increased social activities, new acquaintances, improved sleep, and an overall positive attitude create satisfaction with life. Successful aging depends greatly on social networking and lifelong learning.



Seniors who volunteer experience a sense of appreciation and have an improved quality of life. Depression and social isolation are rare in Seniors who give time and talent to a community organization or program. Volunteering provides social support and new acquaintances–a mutual goal.


Be Positive

Who cares about age!?! Happy Seniors have developed coping skills throughout their lives. Daily pleasures are important. Joy and humor turn an unpleasant experience upside down. Better choices are made when emotions are controlled. Seniors do tend to pick their battles and recall pleasant memories before negative ones. Laugh. Smile. Be the person others want to know. Oscar Wilde may have thought it humorous, but he was right when he said, “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”


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