Recently I was driving out of town when thirty minutes to my destination the weather changed. Lightning struck straight down on the horizon; the skies darkened; the wind was reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz and my cell phone shrieked storm warnings…take shelter. Right. Everyone wants to die in bed but I couldn’t think of ever believing life would end driving on a gravel road in a beat up old pickup singing “Riders in the Storm” while being pummeled by Nebraska weather.

Had I checked the weather I would have left earlier or never left town. There would have been no last minute panics or elevated blood pressure. I didn’t plan ahead.

How many people wait for a crisis before making a decision? If you answered too many, you are correct. There is no shame in being proactive and making plans for your life. My beat up pickup made it to my destination but what if it hadn’t had an experienced driver and crumbled on the road?

Here is the analogy: Life is a journey. We leave childhood and become adults, parents and grandparents. Our bodies consist of parts and parts wear out. The cycle begins and our children become our friends and soon our parents.

Homes we have built and lived in could become a burden. Maintenance, lawn care, stairs, taxes, insurance, worry about a roof or broken furnace easily become a whirlwind of concern. There is an answer. Senior Living such as Independent and Assisted is offered in communities and has become very competitive in the last few years. The Baby Boomers have arrived. It’s good to have a plan for your future.

No one wakes up and spontaneously shouts “I’m moving to Senior Living today!” But no one wants to wake up thinking “Where will there be a place for me to live?” The strategy is to plan ahead for a choice in living options.

Each Senior Living Community offers many of the same services and amenities but in different ways. Find an expert to help you narrow the field. Consider your finances, social, physical and medical needs. There is no one size fits all. You want to live where it seems like home and you are enjoying the quality of life you deserve. The culture should meet your personality. Making a commitment by placing yourself on a waiting list increases the chances of having an available apartment when you are ready to move.

Don’t be driving a pickup in a storm wondering which ditch is more fitting for a final move. Find an expert to help you navigate through any storm.

Bridge to Better Living® offers expert advice and assistance when researching Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted and Long Term Care. Their one-on-one approach with families looking not only for the immediate but also the future is respected and highly recommended.  Contact Bridge to Better Living® today to ease the journey.