Aging With Grace: A Story


Edward and Grace… a love story if ever there was one. The two met in college, dated, fell in love,  and wed. Early years were filled with all the firsts… home purchases, career navigation, children. Inevitably home repairs, hospitalizations, moving costs, and unexpected expenses arose. Somehow, Edward and Grace managed. Every night they held hands and every morning they smiled over a cup of coffee.

In their thirties Edward and Grace made the decision to meet with financial advisors. College expenses for children were nearing and they hoped to travel when empty-nesters. Grace was a dreamer, but Edward was practical and wanted financial security should one need assistance in the future. Long-Term Care insurance was purchased. Budgets were made and revised, but Edward and Grace made sensible choices and enjoyed Quality of Life.

Edward and Grace believed life was better if each day was deemed a gift, especially when not alone. Studies prove those who accept age with positivity enjoy better physical and mental health. Grace never worried about wrinkles. She was meticulous about using sunscreen and Edward followed suit. Edward played pickle ball and golfed. Grace enjoyed her book club and volunteering. Together they attended social events and hosted dinners for friends and family.

Medical and dental appointments were scheduled regularly. When Edward was diagnosed with diabetes, Grace altered menus. As Grace’s vision waned due to macular degeneration, Edward became the family chauffeur. When both noticed balance began to be compromised there was no problem with physical therapy, tossing throw rugs, and shopping for canes.

A choice to move came later in life due to advancing age, physical status, and chronic medical needs. Both realized transition as a Senior was a journey too stressful and cumbersome to tackle alone. Edward suggested experts be consulted. Grace agreed, knowing neither one understood enough to make a good decision without worry. Once a Senior Community was found with the assistance of experts Edward continued to enjoy life with Grace.

As all stories end, Edward was left with his memories when Grace passed away. Life with Grace had been just what he had hoped for.

Bridge to Better Living has met and assisted many Edwards and Graces. Life is too short to spend time agonizing over choices. Let the experts help you with an important choice to transition. YOU, too, deserve to age with “Grace.” Call Bridge to Better Living today and take the best first step.