Ironically as retirement approaches it sometimes becomes overwhelming with desires and financial ability. The following suggestions may help facilitate plans for your next chapter in life.

1. See the World
One popular choice is world travel. Finances are a crucial aspect of travelling. Other retirees have discovered less expensive means to achieve these dreams.

One approach is house sitting, a growing trend benefiting both the traveler and the home owner serves a dual purpose. Homes become available when owners are either on business trips or on vacation. A personal presence looking after the house is appealing for the owner.

Renting a house together is a money saving idea. Housing accommodations, meals shared as a group and transportation are “money in the bank.”

2. Utilize Talents or Trade
Your skills are useful whether you are a professional or a blue collar worker. Organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross and the Salvation Army welcome the talents of individuals willing to donate time for the good of others.

Gardening in city parks, quilting for the homeless or playing music in a local mall or hospital are appreciated by many less fortunate.

3. Visit Friends and Family
In this world of constant social flux family and friends live across the country and the world. Retirement offers a unique opportunity to reach out and reconnect with people we’d like to have visited but were challenged by work schedules and raising families. Invite acquaintances to stay with you. Experience one another’s lifestyles.

Retirement is a great time to discover new acquaintances. Visit with others in your neighborhood, church or other social functions. The pleasure will be mutual.

4. Relax …Enjoy the Peace
Relax and rejuvenate. This may seem a bit boring. For some boring is just what the doctor ordered. After focusing on others for multiple decades take time to reconnect with yourself.

Retirement is an excellent time to revisit a good book or two or to write a story you’ve been composing in your head. Discover new talents such as painting or playing a new musical instrument. Yoga and Tai Chi are particularly relaxing

Possibilities are endless and rewards are valuable. Renowned psychiatrist Gene Cohen states “Any activity using both sides of the brain is savored by the brain. It is like chocolate for the brain.”

5. Explore New Horizons
You are never too old to learn. Use a non-traditional college class to learn creative writing, gardening or how to cook ethnic foods. Enjoy a less formal setting at a community college or Senior Center where a variety of topics are provided.

Fishing, kayaking, hiking and other outdoor activities may interest you. Before investing in expensive outdoor equipment use rental agencies to discover if those activities are a match for you. These are risk free endeavors and offer both hours of fun and long term satisfaction.

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