It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or so the song goes. If one manages to be a giver, every day is an opportunity to bring little gifts, but additional hints for holiday giving may be needed… especially presents for a Senior. The perfect gift could be a challenge as many Seniors have compiled a plethora of “treasures.” Do not despair, hope springs eternal.


Take pictures of special keepsakes and create an album for your loved one to pore over and perhaps share how and why a particular item is so precious. If family pictures are scattered, organize them, and compose an album showing memories over the years. Albums may be centered on family holidays, birthdays, special events, or family trips. The more technologically talented might choose to create a video of such memories and set background music for the production. Better yet, bring popcorn and invite the entire family to the premiere showing.


Put yourself into your loved one’s shoes (or slippers). Avoid purchasing something you think your loved one would like and instead consider what makes them happy. Is it a favorite game? Pick a good time and play it with them, perhaps even inviting family and friends. Do they enjoy crafts? Buy a gift card to the local hobby or fabric store. Restaurants, movies, field trips to museums, concerts, beauty or barber shop gift cards, all are good choices. A gas card for those who still drive or a subscription to a magazine or newspaper would be greatly appreciated.


Most importantly, give the gift of time. Visit your loved one. Have a meal with them. Miles are meaningless today with technology. Facetime or Zoom with your Senior. Even a simple card saying you love them or recalling a special memory is caring at its best. When they smile you are sure to smile. Remember, “For it is in giving that we receive”… Francis of Assisi

Give the Gift of Holiday Joy

Bridge to Better Living finds joy in the simplest of things… a look of relief after clients understand how much easier transition is with our assistance, laughter shared during community tours, conversations about family, and an opportunity for everyone to receive the warmth of a grateful hug. After all, Bridge to Better Living is all about the gift… the gift of caring about YOU. Contact us today.