This study also states clear and detailed resolutions increase chances of reaching goals by 10%.

Be part of the 14% when making a resolution meaningful to you. If you want to improve your chances of weight loss success and lose 15 pounds this year clarify your goal. Be more specific and state plans to lower carb intake to 25 grams per day, eat a proper amount of protein and have 3 to 4 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Check out a short list of achievable New Year’s resolutions. Success is within your grasp. Remember to be specific and identify each detail. This year make it a goal to join the 14% of Seniors who reach Resolution Success!


  • Get Healthy – This is by far the most popular resolution every year. In this arena are resolutions about losing weight, exercising more, giving up sweets or sugar and various health related concerns. What is your health issue and what are you able to do to improve situations? Losing weight is always a high priority. Statistic Brain states 38% of resolutions are weight related. If this is your resolution decide exactly how much you plan to lose and how you plan to lose the weight. Be realistic. Remember as we age weight loss is more difficult.


  • Learn Something New – Most resolutions revolve around self-improvement or education. With online learning, community education courses and neighbors wanting to share their expertise you could learn anything from Shakespeare to making pasta to creating origami cranes. Learning something new is fun and exciting as well as an avenue to new friendships. Want to exercise more? Try ballroom dancing, Tai Chi or trying a new fitness machine!


  • Share Your Life Story with Family – Do this in as many ways as your imagination allows. Printing technology enables printing family pictures onto fabric and creating a quilt to reflect the times of your life. Do you have a smart phone or access to a recording device? Only a few moments are needed to record bits and pieces of your personal history to share with your family. Purchase a nice leather journal or plain note book and commit to writing a page or two every day or once a week. This time next year you will have a lovely collection of life stories to hand down to your descendants. Think of how special it will be for them to read your words in your own hand writing or hear your voice on a recording.


  • Get Your House in Order – Some may think of this as being morbid, however, when you consider the chaos added to grief when a loved one is gone, getting your house in order makes sense. It’s tragic when no one knows where important papers, the will or even the name of the legal counsel are. In today’s world there are also the technological concerns – passwords and usernames to access accounts and important information. Have 2017 be the year to address family concerns. Incorporate a plan to appoint one or two key people to have information needed so life without you is as smooth as possible. Leaving instructions and preferences prevents family disputes and fallouts.


  • Enjoy Life to the Fullest – Do you see the beauty around you? Take pictures to remember those special moments. Write poetry to capture your emotions. Commit to performing one random act of kindness on a regular basis, be it daily, weekly or once a month. Visit the places you’ve dreamed about for years. Buy yourself flowers. Dance with your spouse in the living room. Make a list of all the ordinary happenings making your life extraordinary. Commit to checking off one item a week. At the end of the year there will be 52 items that have enriched your life.


If you are one of the many people who make New Year’s resolutions only to have them fade away in six weeks it could be because you have not been specific and detailed enough in your descriptions. Don’t give up. Clarify them, think about the details and write it all down. Schedule a check- in time on a regular basis to monitor your progress.  You have it within yourself to be among the 14% of Seniors who achieve fulfillment of their resolutions.  Be a winner!