Seniors especially love to demonstrate their patriotism. Including your loved one in holiday plans or visiting them on this holiday helps them feel connected. The options for celebrating the 4th with your Senior are endless.


6 Tips for Helping Seniors Enjoy the 4th

Celebrating the 4th of July should be fun for everyone. Whether going to a parade, watching the fireworks or barbecuing with friends here are tips to have the experience be enjoyable.

  1. Bring a comfortable chair. Standing for lengths of time is exhausting especially for older friends and relatives.
  2. Encourage sunscreen and light clothing to prevent sunburn. The 4th of July is often extremely hot and no one likes the pain of a sunburn.
  3. Find a shady spot. Doing so helps to stay cool and limits direct sun exposure.

Bring beverages and encourage hydration.

  1. Make time for as many bathroom breaks as possible. Encouraging your Senior to use the

restroom periodically will diminish the chances of an embarrassing and uncomfortable accident.

  1. Wear layers of clothing. Doing so helps regulate body if too hot or too chilly. Listen to and encourage your loved one to be honest about their needs. Offer assistance, sugest breaks or an early departure if you notice them tiring.


Activities for Seniors Staying Home or Visiting on the 4th

If your Senior doesn’t care to go out of town or is unable to leave home there are plenty of activities available. The following is a list of family friendly ideas to celebrate Independence Day while indoors.


Bring the Party to Them

Consider a BBQ at home. All the barbecue needs are at your fingertips. Naps, if needed, may be taken in in their own bed. Provide hot dogs, hamburgers and side dishes. Eliminate the worry of cooking and cleanup by offering to do it yourself.


Watch Fireworks on TV or the Backyard

Watching fireworks is a must on the 4th of July! If close to a display go to the backyard with blankets and comfy chairs; watch fireworks from the comfort of home. If not nearby watch the fireworks on TV and play patriotic music in the background for a festive effect.


Have a Movie Night

Enjoy a favorite patriotic movie – popcorn and candy included.


Have Game Night

Most Seniors love games—from puzzles to Monopoly. Try creating something new such as 4th of July Bingo or Trivia. Organize the night with all the family favorites and invite others so everyone is able to be a part of the fun. Laughter at any age is good for the soul.


Have a Sing-Along

Express patriotism by listening to the National Anthem or another classic such as This Land is Your Land. Provide musical renditions of other patriotic tunes without lyrics and do karaoke.


Get Crafty

Crafts are enjoyed by all ages. Find a craft; paint American flags: fashion festive holiday decorations; wear your Uncle Sam hat.


Have Fun

The 4th of July is a wonderful excuse to organize the family, grandma and grandpa included. Remember the above tips to promote the holiday for all ages by adapting activities for everyone. Your family will always remember time spent with their loved one.

Have a happy 4th of July from everyone at Bridge to Better Living®!