Anyone who’s reached that point where bones creak, muscles don’t want to cooperate, and you sometimes wonder about that face staring back at you in the mirror could use a little good news. Even if you are in the best shape of your life and you are over 55, there’s lots of good news about savings to be had. There are advantages to being this age.

  1. Travel Perks – Many people love to travel. Those who have settled into retirement have golden opportunities to travel wherever they can afford to go. Many modes of travel come with discounts for people over a certain age. For example, Southwest Airlines offers a discount to travelers over age 55. American Airlines also offers a discount. You can ask about it when you schedule your flight. Don’t fly? No Worries Trailways bus company gives seniors discounts also; just ask about it when you book your trip. If trains are your thing and you’re over 65, you can get a 10% discount. Bon voyage!
  2. National Parks – Since you’re going to be traveling, take advantage of the National Parks Service Senior Pass if you’ve seen your 62nd birthday. Spend $80 to get a pass that gives you access to over 2,000 recreation sites across the nation. Super perk? The pass gives you lifetime access. Take the grandkids to one of these beautiful places; these passes often include your traveling companions.
  3. Lodging – When you get to your destination, you need to have someplace to stay, right? You could bunk in with the relatives, or you can take advantage of discounts offered by some of the major hotels and motels. For example, Best Western offers a 10% discount to those over 55. If you’re a little older, you can get an upgrade to the Marriott. They have a 15% discount if you’re over 62. You can call Quality Inn to find out about their discount. You could save up to 30% if you’re over 60 when you make your reservation.
  4. Lunch Anyone? – You can get a discount on more than lunch, of course. Many restaurants give discounts to seniors over a certain age. If you’re 60 or older, you can get a delicious Subway sandwich and save 10%. 65-year-olds can enjoy a discounted meal at Boston Market. Different locations have various discounts, so be sure to ask. Not 65 yet? No worries, grab a friend and head on over to Applebee’s. The discount varies by location, but it can be as much as 15%. And if you’d rather have breakfast, Perkins always has the 55-plus menu with a host of discounted meals for seniors.
  5. Let’s Go to the Movies – Many movie theaters offer senior discounts. AMC, Cinemark and Mann Movie Theaters all have discounted tickets for seniors. Some theaters also have a discount day where you can get discounted tickets for all shows and discounts on refreshments as well.
  6. Need a Haircut? – Supercuts and Great Clips both have specials for older citizens at some of their locations. Ask for the senior discount. You’ll need to be at least 60 to get your discount at Supercuts locations.
  7. Phone Service – Almost everyone has a cell phone these days and plans can get pricey, especially when you use data to run a tablet or browse the internet with your smartphone. Check out T-Mobile’s plan for those 55 and up. It’s listed as one of the best plans for senior citizens. AT&T also offers a senior citizen plan that is for people over 65. You can get phone service for about $30 a month. This plan is perfect for those who aren’t interested in using their phone as a mini-computer.
  8. Stay in Shape – Many gyms help seniors stay in shape by providing discounts. Call around to your local gyms to get the best deal. Ask about off-hours, too. Those gyms that don’t offer discounts may have a membership plan for hours when the gym is underused. These plans are often less expensive than regular membership.
  9. Keep Your Car in Shape Too! – There are several auto-service franchises that offer senior discounts on the upkeep of your vehicle. Since these discounts can vary greatly from place to place, your best bet is to call ahead and find out if a discount is available and ask about the qualifications to get it.
  10. Senior Discount Days – Many retailers like Kohl’s and Ross Dress for Less offer senior discounts on certain days. JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores and Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores both have discounts for seniors. Rite Aid and Walgreens both have a senior discount day each month that can save you as much as 20%.

Saving money is always a good thing and when you’re living on a fixed income, it’s an even better thing. Your AARP card can get you discounted goods and services also. Being older isn’t for the weak, but it sure is sweet to get the perks! Bridge to Better Living offers a variety of services to seniors who are considering making the transition to retirement. Contact us to find out what we offer and how we can serve you.